24hr Fuel Drain.   From a Mobile CALL US, Just tap    07398 999 247

Diesel in Petrol?   Petrol in Diesel?

WRONG FUEL in your tank?  The Fuel Doctor aims to be with you within a ONE HOUR response time to assist you get back on your journey in the fastest possible time.  We will handle the problem there and then - no need to tow you to a fresh location.

24/7 We Will Be There

Within the greater East Anglia region our average time to get there is under one hour

  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • Essex
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Hertfordshire

The Fuel Doctor

We specialise in just one thing and that's draining your tank from the WRONG FUEL and cleaning up whatever fuel injection and fuel line parts are necessary so you can get going again.  That's what we do and it's our speciality, that's why we are so good at it.

Wrong Fuel?

The moment you notice, just switch the engine off. If you happen to be still at the fuel pump then don't start the engine to move the car or van.  If necessary get some help to push the vehicle to a safe spot and CALL US on

07398 999 247

and we will tell you there and then how long to get to you and we will get someone despatched right away.

Our aim is to get you back on your journey as soon as possible.  It takes from 15 to 40 minutes to drain the WRONG FUEL, make the adjustments and get you going again.  Putting the WRONG FUEL in your tank is far more common than you might think and we are complete experts when it comes to getting you out of trouble even if you've been driving the car and come to a halt as a result.  You may have read that engines can be totally ruined as a result but that's a very rare occurrence as far as we are concerned because we know exactly what needs doing to prevent that kind of damage occurring as a result of putting the WRONG FUEL in your tank.

The Fuel Doctor who comes out to see you will take that worried frown off your face and leave you smiling - our many testimonials prove we are "the" people to call.

Wherever you are in greater East Anglia we can get to you FAST.

On a mobile - just tap this number

07398 999 247


We're Here 24/7

The Fuel Doctor can be with you like an emergency service. You call, we come and that's at any time of day or night.

We don't Hang Around

As soon as we have your location, a technician will be on their way and we will be with you within the hour.

Nobody makes it easier

We can do it all right where you are. No towing to a garage and that means we are quick and convenient.

We're Cost Effective

Because it's all done at the roadside there are no additional charges. Credit/debit cards are acceptable at the location.
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